Why radio should never be treated like an unwanted stepchild

In an agency, radio is, and has always been, one of the last priorities on the creative list. Eventually it gets pawned off on a junior writer, who begrudgingly bangs it out quickly.  This is a huge mistake.

Why?  Besides the fact that radio reaches 185 billion people a week, and that it still reaches over 93% of the population, it's quite honestly the best creative medium out there.  It is truly theater of the mind.  You get to tell a story and get inside somebody else's head.  Radio is very personal.  You can capture your audience's imagination, and make them think.  And as a creative you have more control over radio than any other medium.  You get to write it, cast it, direct it and produce it.  And it's one of the few mediums where you have the time to truly construct a compelling argument for the brand you're working on. (Another reason why giving it to juniors is a mistake, you need to truly understand a client's business problem to write great radio)  With radio, it's all in your hands, for good or bad.  It's not easy to do well, which is obvious if you've ever listened to all the spots on the air during the day, but when it's done right, it's incredibly effective and highly rewarding.  

Here are some fun, effective spots we've done.