Hello match.com.  We are a collection of successful senior advertising people who decided to get out of the agency business and back into advertising.  As we grew into positions at the top of the agency world, we found ourselves further and further from the thing we loved -- doing the actual work. 

So we formed Cog NYC. 

We are a less traditional agency model, built more like a production company, that can expand and contract with the projects we’re given.  Our core group of leaders is always involved directly in the work.  (We like getting our hands dirty.)  And we have a humongous pool of talent we tap into for each project, depending on our client's needs.  This allows us to do strategy, branding, commercials, print, digital, social, websites, events, and much more.  At the end of the day, whatever the medium, what we do well is tell compelling stories that make people think and feel.  And we love doing it.

Here are a few samples of work our team has created.

Macy's had been stuck doing too many "One Day Sale" ads and needed a big epic spot to buoy the "brand".  So we created a blockbuster production.

This next spot shouldn't be shared yet, but since it's a private link, we put it up for you.  It's a new Macy's collaboration we shot last week. This is a rough edit. So shhhh...

Doing a co-op ad with Coke, ESPN, the NFL and the theater group is no easy task.  Since it was running in cinema, where people really don't like ads, we decided to make it an old fashioned silent film instead. Hand cranked camera and all.

GoDaddy wanted people to know they were more than beautiful spokespeople, they were hard working tech geeks.  We were also asked to make sure it stood out during the Super Bowl. It resulted in the biggest sales day in GoDaddy history.

This campaign was built off the insight that people didn't trust corporations, especially health care companies.  Rather than create fake, happy scenes like our competitors, we acknowledged the issues and showed that Blue Shield of California was working to fix them.  

We were tasked with helping the AdCouncil increase adoption with older kids.  In our research, we learned the biggest barrier was that potential parents weren't sure if they were up to the task. This has been the best performing campaign for the them in decades.  Simple yet powerful.

Sometimes taking on the day requires a little encouragement. Not to mention a little Starbucks caffeine.  

Minnesota State Lottery ticket proceeds go towards helping the environment, and for that, someone would like to thank you.

In addition, we have digital, print, OOH and other experience we can share.  And we are currently helping The Knot launch a new wedding venue product to women, working with the team that built Chobani launch a contemporary cottage cheese aimed at women, and developed an eCommerce site last year for the premium rose brand passionroses