Here are a few ideas we've worked on that we really love.  
Some are funny, some sweet, some just plain crazy.


When Deutsch needed help writing a Super Bowl spot people would remember, they came to us. The result? We offended America. We also gave them the biggest sales day in their history.

Amp'd Mobile did the things other mobile companies wouldn't. So we created the kind of advertising other mobile companies wouldn't. These spots had over a million views on YouTube within days and spawned dozens of homemade parodies. 

We needed to create a spot to run in theaters before movies.  It had to feature Coca Cola, the NFL and ESPN. (And be approved by each client.) So we shot a silent movie, directed by Albert Brooks, on an old hand-cranked camera.

Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso helps you bring on the day. Although we don't promise you'll get your own mascot.

We had to do a DRTV spot that was a hard sell for ESPN the Magazine.  It had to repeatedly talk about the offer and the free fleece jacket with purchase.  We made lemonade from a lemon.

When asked to create a campaign for AdoptUSKids, we did our homework.  It turned out the biggest barrier to adopting kids was the parents concerned that they wouldn't be good enough.  It was intimidating.  On the other hand, the kids just wanted someone to be there with them.  Based on this insight, we created a campaign that's been going for over a decade and considered one of the most successful AdCouncil campaigns of all time. 

Bright eyed kids come to the Art Director's Club Student Portfolio Review, eager to have their work critiqued by their advertising heroes...   

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