Dusting off the magic of a retail giant.


They are America’s biggest fashion store, but with all of the one-day sale advertising, the brand equity was eroding. We were tasked with bringing the “magic” back to the retail giant with both their customers and their employees. 


"Backstage" :60

"150 Years" :60

Employee Handbook

160,000 employees had to deliver the “magic”, but Macy’s employee handbook was a dusty binder full of rules. So we created an employee book that was more inspirational. It’s been printed so many times it would make the New York Times best seller list.

Yes Virginia

"Yes Virginia" Trailer :30

The show and property “Yes Virginia” not only elevated the Macy’s holiday “Believe” campaign, it became marketing that actually generated revenue. After creating the primetime CBS special (That runs annually), merchandise, store windows, parade balloons and other extensions were added.  

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