A rose isn’t just a rose, and neither is
the rose company who grows them.

PassionGrowers wasn't just any other flower supplier. While they grow some of the best roses in the world for 800 Flowers, FTD, and national supermarket chains, no one knew Passion existed. In turn, their roses were treated as commodities and profit margins kept shrinking. Passion needed help moving from a simple supplier to a consumer facing brand. So we created the PassionRoses brand from scratch, building an eCommerce site, a retailer training program, display advertising and much more.



We designed it to be less cluttered and “selly” then our competitors, and feel like a real farmstead. To accomplish this we kept the SKUs low and wrote copy worthy of the roses.



Roses typically mean I love you or I’m sorry. So we wanted to remind people they can make you happy any old day.

As the Official Rose of the Rose Bowl, we were able to create the website farmstead as a real life experience.

Retailer Education

We created PassionUniversity to inspire key retailers and train them to expertly handle, and merchandise our roses.  

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