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Hello eharmony

Love is a mysterious thing. Sometimes it comes in the shape of hope, where two people come together looking

for that missing piece that will complete them. For some it's happenstance. Something just seems to go right, so they just keep doing that thing, because it works. And for some, it's finding that special someone who understands how wrong and annoying everyone else is. They just get it. And it's cool having that person on your team.

We'd like to think we're that advertising soulmate that makes things easy and a little fun for you, but we won't know until we try.

Here are a few of our past accomplishments, that we believe show that we can tell a good story and engage the hearts and minds of others.

This first one is a documentary we worked on for Verizon for Pride. We knew we had to do something meaningful,

so it was clear we weren't just paying lip service to the community. And it had to connect to what Verizon enabled.

Another one for Verizon. We researched network stories and then told them in a real way, on a stage.​

This was written by our lead creative while stuck in an airport. That fact that it got made is crazy.

This tells the story of how technology made humanity better. Kinda like what you do. 

These were stories we were involved in telling for Walmart, at the Oscars.

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