It’s no fun to be in a long and arduous agency search, only to find out you were oversold on what they can do, and undersold on what it would cost. So we built an agency model where you can avoid all of that, and get exactly what you are promised. In fact we build the agency specifically for your needs, and you pay as you go, without commitment.



You know... excited, united, motivated.


We Never Work For Free


The name Cog isn’t an accident. (Or an attempt to be cute.) A Cog is a small, but integral, part of a bigger machine. It’s the piece that sets the other pieces in motion. We are less agency and more collaboration. For each and every project we partner with some of the best and brightest marketing experts in the world. Partners that fit a client’s needs exactly. We never mind being called a cog.


We custom build a team around each project with experts best equipped to accomplish the task at hand. So you get the right people, you don’t pay for people you don’t really need, and you are never passed off to the “B” team. It’s fast, efficient and results in better work.  

Some Rules We Live By:



Retainers make agencies lazy. Quite frankly, deadlines and accountability keep us motivated. So we structure every assignment as a project.



We’ll never recommend an idea to you before we’ve met. Half of advertising is really understanding what’s right for you. You can’t do that if you’ve never met.


Sorry, we’re very efficient, but not so efficient that we can work for free. Starting a relationship off with favors is no way to build a real partnership.


In a cog, every piece is critical. That’s why every contributor shares in the profits of the project. Our clients get a team where no one is punching a clock.


Your fee is spent on people critical to the project, not fancy drapes and funky cubicles. Because we actually believe every dollar should count.





Our ultimate value is the guidance, direction and judgement of our leaders, and unlike most agencies, the three of us stay personally involved throughout the project.

Wayne Best

Wayne has built Mars, flung Jessica Simpson through the air, blown up a Yugo, seen Gary Coleman’s closet, made Donald Trump sit at the kid’s table, and spent countless hours waiting for “P-Diddy” to show up on set. He has worked at the best agencies in the country, including Weiden + Kennedy, Fallon, JWT, Cliff Freeman, KBS and TAXI. He has won many awards for his work on ESPN, Macy’s, Jet Blue, Virgin Mobile, Coke, Starbucks and other brands. The reason this matters is that he has gained the respect of the best talent in the country, and as a result, Cog NYC is able to lure in talent even the good agencies have a hard time securing. In his spare time Wayne is Chair of the Ad Council’s Creative Review Committee.

Becky Mercer

Becky won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but she will tell you what you need to hear. (And in a nice, respectful way.) She has helped develop and launch integrated campaigns for many global clients, including Unilever, Kraft, Microsoft, Eli Lilly and Toyota. She has ensured dogs have clean teeth, helped those with ADHD and reminded women about a superior hair product they can’t live without. She’s worked for all the big shops (Saatchi, JWT, FCB, Arnold) doing all the big jobs, but joined Cog NYC because she wanted to focus on clients again, instead of getting bogged down in agency politics. In her spare time, Becky raises twins, develops products for children and raises funds for the MS Society. She’s kinda awesome.

Michael Doody

Durk understands business, and the power of creative problem solving.  As CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi NY, President of TAXI NYC and Head of New Business at Mother, he’s honed the craft of mixing real world objectives, with out of this world creative. His vast experience allows him to understand a client’s needs quickly. And his rolodex is deep and full of talent, so he can help build the right team for your project on a moments notice. He was Captain of Varsity Soccer at Trinity College and still plays and coaches every week. He brings that spirit of teamwork and leadership to everything he does. So when you collaborate with Cog NYC, you know Durk has your back and will help you crush the competition.



Cog Hen

What is this page about? Perhaps it was a typo. It was supposed to be (W)hen.


We might be making a point that sometimes you need to throw something unexpected into a piece of communication to make it more memorable.


Or maybe the site was getting too serious, so we decided to embrace Dadaism and take the piss out of the whole thing.


All we can say for sure is that you will remember this page, for good or bad.



Just like the team we assemble, we go where the project requires us most. While we’re based in New York, like a roving band of gypsies, we collaborate with partners all over the country and the world. And having no big fancy office means we’re always more than happy to come directly to you. We do have an office, but unless you’re into ogling printers and claustrophobia, you’ll probably never see it. 

Contact Becky directly by clicking on the phone or mail icon below.



Perhaps you don’t have an agency, and need one to help on a project. Perhaps you’re about to drop a ton of money on production and media, and want to make sure you have the best ideas possible. Perhaps your internal team needs some inspiration. Or perhaps there’s a project that is out of scope for your AOR. That’s what we’re built for.

Creative Cognition Workshop

A bunch of brains in a room to help you tackle a creative challenge

½ day workshop

2-4 creative experts

2 Cog partners

Includes strategic prep for session

Possible Output: Topline Report, Creative Concepts. Strategic Areas. Product Innovations.


Creative Push Project

When your creative needs a little “push”

2-3 weeks
2-3 top creative teams
Includes in-person briefing, strategic supervision, and one checkpoint along the way
Delivers 3 campaign directions


Creative Full Project

When you don’t want an AOR, but need
a campaign

Strategic Cognition Workshop

When you need an outsider’s perspective

4 hour session
1 Strategic planner, 1research analyst, and 1 category expert 
2 Cog partners
Includes prep for session
Possible Output: Topline Report. Strategic Concepts. Product Innovations, Consumer Insights


Brief, strategy insights, creative, tissue session, creative delivery, creative supervision of production

$200K +

Deep Dive Data Audit

When you don’t need new research but you need someone to to look at the old research with a brand new perspective

2 week analysis of qualitative and quantitative data
2 Cog partners
½ day worksession
Possible outputs: Topline report. Insights.
Data Visualization, Strategic/creative concepts


Deep Dive Brand Audit

When you need a new way to think about what the brand really stands for

Stakeholder interviews to unearth the brand DNA
Analysis of qualitative and quantitative data
2 Cog partners
2-3 weeks
1/2 day worksession 
Possible Outputs: Brand briefing
Existing Strategy Assessment

$50K +